Coupling Electrons, Phonons, and Photons


Coupling Electrons, Phonons, and Photons for Nonequilibrium Transport Simulation
(agency: DOE, Basic Energy Sciences)

PI: Irena Knezevic (UW-Madison)

The objective of this project is to develop versatile computational tools for accurate simulation of the far-from-equilibrium and time-dependent quantum transport in realistic semiconductor nanostructures driven by high-intensity dc or ac electromagnetic fields. The key challenge in simulating nonequilibrium time-dependent transport is that one must capture the strong coupling between electrons, phonons, and electromagnetic fields in the same simulation, self-consistently and at every time step.

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2015 Meeting Abstract

photo caption: Nonequilibrium phonon occupation number (red – high, blue – low) at  different fields and temperatures  versus in-plane and cross-plane momentum  in a GaAs-based midinfrared quantum cascade laser. The excess phonons exist only near the Brillouin zone center, but their population is drastically higher than in equilibrium. They strongly affect electronic transport, largely by amplifying  electron scattering with phonon absorption.  (From Shi and Knezevic)