DMREF: Multifunctional Interfacial Materials by Design

DMREF image

DMREF:  Multifunctional Interfacial Materials by Design

PIs: Chang-Beom Eom, Mark S. Rzchowski (UW-Wisconsin), Craig J. Fennie (Cornell U.), Evgeny Y. Tsymbal (U. Nebraska), Long-Qing Chen (Penn State U.), Xiaoqing Pan (U. Michigan)

Interfaces between complex oxides and related materials create juxtapositions between different symmetries and ordered states, and it has become clear that these interfaces are actual materials in their own right, with dramatically new properties. These are some of the most promising materials in which to realize new phenomena that will challenge our current understanding of materials, and that will develop new electronic device directions that address our society’s technology needs. Our project focuses on an iterative cooperation between forefront theory and experiment that will determine the fundamental principles controlling new physical phenomena at oxide interfaces, will use these principles to generate new functionalities, and will experimentally synthesize and investigate designed interfacial materials for novel electronic devices.


photo caption: Electron Density distribution of (111) SrTiO3  showing Graphene-like honeycomb Ti coordination