At UW-Madison and the Wisconsin Materials Institute, one of our core missions is education of tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. We are also committed to outreach, providing the community with a window into our work and its importance to society. Listed is information on materials oriented education and outreach activities.

K to 12 engineering educational outreach opportunities

The University of Wisconsin offers a number of outreach programs for students and the community. The link above is a compilation of engineering-specific outreach programs.

Departments and programs with major materials activities at UW

The following is a list of departments and programs on the Madison campus with emphasis in materials and manufacturing.

College of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Engineering Physics Department

Electrical and Computing Engineering

Engineering and Professional Development

Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Geological Engineering Program

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chemistry (Undergraduate and Graduate Program)
Materials Chemistry (Graduate Program)

College of Agricultural and Life Science

Biological Systems Engineering