Faculty & Research

Materials and associated manufacturing and processing research are critical to discoveries and solutions to current science and industry issues. Listed below are on-going materials related research, opportunities and facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Faculty, experts, and industry leaders across Wisconsin discuss their cutting-edge research, discoveries and perspectives on materials science core topics.

MGI Projects

The Materials Genome Initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focuses on major advances in health care, energy, computation, and other fields.

Proposals & Grants

Funding references for materials science extramural, campus, and funding specific to UW-Madison’s College of Engineering faculty.

Centers and Initiatives

Wisconsin Materials Institute is one of the many collaborative centers located at the UW-Madison campus. As part of this collective group, it offers highly-specialized connections with other centers and initiatives on campus and surrounding areas.

Materials Researchers

Expert contacts, on-going research and collaborative opportunities.


photo above: Professor Xudong Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Zinc oxide nanoflowers leads to new understanding of vapor deposition kinetics.


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