Building An Integrated MGI Accelerator Network Workshop

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June 5-6, 2014
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Atlanta, GA

The workshop “Building an Integrated MGI Accelerator Network,” hosted June 5-6, 2014 at Georgia Tech, brought together 150 thought leaders and stakeholders from academia, industry and government across the USA to explore how distributed experimental, computational, and materials information infrastructure might be networked to most efficiently realize the MGI vision. This workshop, co-organized by Georgia Tech, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Michigan, initiated the national dialogue regarding the accelerator network concept, as highlighted in the June 24, 2013 OSTP press release on the 2nd anniversary of MGI.

A set of opening plenary talks outlined the government MGI strategy, industry and academic perspectives on accelerating materials development and deployment, and the emerging materials information infrastructure. The plenary talks were followed by breakout sessions organized in broad application domains, including organic and inorganic electronics, materials for structural applications, energy storage and conversion, biomaterials, and catalysis and separations. Breakout sessions explored and discussed three specific themes: critical issues and technology gaps, infrastructure for MGI integration, and strategy for road mapping a materials accelerator network.

A complete workshop report is available at

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